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October 18, 2010



We just got to "chicksit" L's little brood.... such fun! Loving the cochin's fuzzy feet. And the drinking water in unison, adorable!!


Oh so beautiful! Have you told Erika? She will probably flip b/c she and I love chickens so much!

Garden Mama

I'm so happy to hear you have your chickens!
I understand your feelings on 'getting the perfect place' I have found through 'getting that perfect place' that it is never perfect... we have since moved and gained something even greater, a love for living for now. Congratulations!


Right on Nicole. Grass is always greener...Our life is very sweet right here, right now! Thank you!


Thanks Gina,

Yes, I told Erika on the playground yesterday! She was probably too busy gathering acorns in a bucket for Frisky Wisk, the squirrel, for the news to register though....:) he he.


I heard...I should thank you in advance for the next chicksit session. So happy to spend a few days with some of my favorite girls next month...:)

The drinking in unison stems from designated drinking times. With a toddler on their back, we've found ourselves removing the water to spare the chick's (and our) sanity.


Ohhhh they are adorables,
You are giving to your daugther a style of life wonderful.

Let me tell you, my girl is turning 3 next friday. Yesterday I posted a free printable, 3 costumes to a paper doll called Lulu, that I did for her. Maybe your girls like it too.

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