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January 16, 2011



Ah yes - the joys of knitting with a toddler! I too am a beginner knitter, self taught from books and YouTube (great sock instruction videos, when you feel up to it) so I have no idea how to fix things when projects are partially unravelled by my two-year-old son... Nap time only. Or standing out of reach - not so relaxing! Best of luck with your hat - I'm sure you'll post a photo of the Completed Project on a cute little head.


oh, you know you can do it!!!!!! Just keep it up high!
How was Marcus's stay? I'm dreaming of a visit soon!


Yes, Sophie, fixing mess up's is completely mind boggling to me still! There's so much of knitting that remains a mystery to me....

Peeked at your website. Your farm looks heavenly!


I'm trying...We had a good time 'cept Bea was recovering from the flu and pretty cranky still. It was dreadfully cold and rainy the whole time he was here. But, of course, we had fun visiting.

Oh, you know you never need an invitation to come visit!

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