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February 04, 2011


Heart Felt

What a beautiful wonderland...gorgeous. Such a contrast to us here in NZ, it's so hot it's hard to do anything, even the evening doesn't give any relief at the moment. Enjoy the snow, it looks like fun. xxxx


SNOW!!!!!???? We're so jealous ;) ANd that hat is fantastic!


Oh, our summers are so very hot here too! And also very long. The snow was very welcomed as it's been many, many years since we've had any.

Sadly enough, the snow is all gone.


I know - it was just a little bit and it's all gone now. But it was so good while it lasted. :)


Oh yes, THE HAT is DONE!



Amber Dusick

What a beautiful glimpse into her world, she sounds delightful. We love those Gerda Muller books, though I admit since we don't get any snow here the winter isn't as well loved as the others.


I didn't think she would gravitate to the Winter book as much as she has either. We're in hot and sunny Texas. So snow is a great rarity. She LOVES the book and the SNOW.


That hat is wonderful! There is nothing better than little ones delighting in the snow... and chickens too!

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