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April 14, 2011



Beautiful photos! and the green egg? did I miss who is laying green eggs? I adore Bea's little sundress (and those brown eyes.) Have a lovely weekend Nichole xx


Thanks! We have two Americauna hens and they lay the beautiful blue/green eggs. xo!

amanda {the habit of being}

i'm not sure if my comment posted or even went to moderation :( if this is a duplicate, sorry!

is that you in the top photo? would love a recommendation on skirt shopping as i prefer to wear skirts in the summer. shorts make me unhappy. sadly, my skirts are all over 10 years old and threadbare.

love your daughter's sundress and dirty feet!


Hi Amanda,

Yes, I so much prefer skirts to shorts too! Every year I try to update my collection with one or two. But most of mine are also years and years old! :)

For at home, I usually wear something made of knit that can get dirty and stained and take lots of washings. The one in this picture comes from the J Crew outlet. Patagonia usually has a decent selection which are also excellent quality. They have end of season sales which I always look forward to. Also, I've bought a couple of everyday skirts from our Whole Foods. They have a small clothing section here...

You might want to check out any wilderness outfitter stores in your area...

Bea's dress (as with the great majority of our possessions comes from the thrift store!) It's so easy to find adorable, nearly new items for little ones her age.

Good luck searching for skirts!


beautiful, beautiful photos. I love those blue eggs. We are STILL waiting for our Araucana to start laying. It's been about 6 or 7 months!


Thank you! Yes, I know, I love our blue eggs. We get two a day!

Anyday now yours should be laying! I think because it's so warm where we are, our hens have matured right. on. time. Dunno though. Could just be luck of the draw too. :)

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