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April 04, 2011



I can understand you so much! Perhaps for that reason, I was so moved by your words. Thank you for these tears of mine...:)


What a fantastic place to visit :) And the pictures of your girl are so sweet. (as always!)


Thanks for sharing this. We'll be making a visit very soon. I could feel the soulfulness in your pics and in your words. Beautiful.



love the bonnet!


What a beautiful dream - I so hope that it comes true for you one day.

Thank you for the lovely comment that you left for me on my blog. I've been visiting you for a little while and have been meaning to say hello. Your space here is so beautiful, peaceful and filled with love for your lovely girl. I always leave feeling thoughtful and inspired.


Aw...Miri...you are so kind. Wouldn't it be nice to meet up for tea one day and let our littles one play together? :) If only....



Your blog does the same for me as well...:)


It is amazingly inspiring! We have a small bit of that, and those pictures and your words give me motivation to keep on workin'.


GOODNESS! Those photos are like a deep breath. I went back and read the whole post again, something I never do, on any blog. Gorgeous, Nichole. Wish I could have visited that place with you. Bea's bonnet is the most fetching thing I've seen in ages. Thank you for this inspiring post. xx


Beautiful. I am WITH you on this post. I get it totally and fully. So funny to stumble upon blogs here and there that seem to voice your own heart.

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