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May 24, 2011



Yeah, I'm so happy for you!!!! Sometime, we'll have to get together and go pick blueberries at my parents! Then we can do it together. Looks Great!


Good for you!!!! YUM! And, on a side note, I'm going to look into getting that Kristen Kimball book today....I've just seen it around too many times and noticed you have it on your sidebar. I trust your choices. ; )


awesome! homemade bring brings a morning slice of toast to celebratory levels :)


Oh yes, plleeeeze. I can just hear it: kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk.


Go for it!! It's a great book. Fun read for all of us farmer wannabes. But you know which one I REALLY loved? "This Life Is In Your Hands" by Melissa Coleman. It's a really beautiful read.


Oh, gosh, isn't that the truth!


Your post was a really interesting read, jam making is quite popular here in the UK at the moment, but canning, I don't hear of many people doing that here. It seems like an interesting process and a great way to store things that might not freeze so well or if freezer space is small. We have so many raspberries in our garden in the summer, and trying to cram them into out freezer is hard, so I end up making alot of raspberry jam, or my mother in law likes to make mixed berry jelly. Our strawberries on the other hand, just get eaten right of the bush!


You could definitely preserve all of that yummy jam and enjoy it for the entire year! So incredible that you all have so many different berries growing around you! Must be heaven in the summer!


I love the book, "Blueberries for sale". I used to read it as a kid and I have to say that your photos do a good job of reflecting that story.

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