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June 12, 2011



ok. That last picture has me with tears in my eyes. What a sweet (and bittersweet post.) I love the quote too at the beginning. It has such a soothing feeling to it. I think I will have to write it down and put it up somewhere I can see it everyday.
You are a brave mama! But what wonderful bonding time for your girl and her daddy.
Lastly, I am not a good seamstress so I will check out the link for the darling dress since you said it was on the easy side!


Wow, what a big moment for all of you...sigh.

I love the little dress, I'll try it this summer too. Pinecone is a total jeans and overalls and fleecey-pj's-outside-in-the-rain girl, as it is always so wet and muddy here. But this summer, a few dresses like that will be perfect.

amanda {the habit of being}

you brave, brave mama! i've never been away from mine overnight. love her little kerchief and dress. i kn


oh what sweet, sweet pictures~ here's wishing you peace with your first big solo mama time, and wonderful training days ahead.

I LOVE the Allison Krauss & Gillian Welch version of "I'll Fly Away"..... now it's playing sweetly in my head~


oh those photos tugged at my heart strings.....
perfect on making that sweet dress....
enjoy your training & time with the awesome L & fam (I do miss them so!)


Thank you Stephinie! It feels like ages ago already! Whew - what a wonderful whirlwind the last few weeks have been!


Thank you Amanda! The house felt hollow without them, but we are all back together again! I also love, love Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch and their version of I'll Fly Away. :)


Well, sometimes we just have to roll with the punches. It all worked out. Today is our first day all back together again at home. Beatrix seemed very happy about that. All smiles and giggles.


Yes, Gretchen, the pattern is so very easy! You should definitely try it. Pinecone could even layer it on top of her fleecy jammies if need be, just to add a bit of flair.


Hi Cory! The quote is from the old folksong "I'll Fly Away". You know it I'm sure of it. One of my favorite songs of all!

Yes, the pattern is super duper easy or else I wouldn't be sewing it up.

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