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June 26, 2011



It is great to her again... How was the trip for B? I thought of her more than once, if she was ok to stay far away from her mommy...


Aw...thanks Miri!! She was just wonderful away from home. She and Byron enjoyed their time together immensely. Her extended family was just smitten with her sweet and polite demeanor. I'm so proud of her! I know it must have been challenging for her - to be away from home, mommy, and her routine.


So sweet.... either the girl or the dress is getting cuter each time I see it. (definitely your sweet girl!)


Sweet! And also: So glad that you are enjoying your training.


Oh my gosh, that last picture is just stunning~ what a beauty she is!

I've noticed those cute red sandals in several posts- who makes them? Claire needs some new sandals.....


Thank you Amanda! She has two pairs of Saltwater sandals that she has worn constantly since early spring in both red and white. We love them. They are so very durable and comfortable. I can't tell you how much water, mud, sand, and muck they have seen yet they continue to clean up nicely and look like new! I have three pairs myself!

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