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August 28, 2011



She is a precious one! and I'm pretty smitten with those little red shoes, too. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!


Yes... you're right! The red shoes are adorable! And what a sweet little dress.

amanda {the habit of being}

oh that dress and those little red shoes! love.


And I adore Bea!

As for your last post, don't be self-conscious about the "downer" aspects of it -- you are dealing with a lot right now. Your weather is c-r-a-z-y, and crazy-making. Be kind to yourself.


Hey, I'm just like her! Except the little red shoes.


Thank you Julie. Yes, I would very much appreciate a pair of red t straps just like her in my size. :)


I always thought I'd have a son. And maybe one day I will. But right now, I seriously enjoy being a mama to a little girl. One day all too soon, I'm going to miss the little dresses and little shoes, for sure. Sniff, sniff...


I know Amanda. I do love this cute little girl stage.


Haha!!! Yes, this summer has been CRAZY!! It's taken a lot of effort to strive for the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, I hope it's gray and wet on the other end of this tunnel.


I know me too! Fancy that!! :)


ok- off the subject, how to you reply on one specific comment on Typepad? I think I'm doing it but it always ends up as another singular comment, not a reply.
my email is [email protected] if you have the heart to explain it to me.


In my comments, I have a little reply button. Do you? You should. It makes responding so much more manageable. My reply button is to the far left of the date of comment. Maybe yours is hidden for some reason. I wonder if there is some sort of setting option. I'll check and see if I can find anything.


Reading your blog is truly a gift. Thank you for writing.
Where oh where did you find those precious shoes?


Aw, thank you for your kind words...:)

I ordered them last year (either Zappos or Endless) when they were drastically reduced in price. They are just fitting her now. The brand is Asters.


So happy to have come across this lovely space of yours. My oldest little one has taken to the camera as well - just loves having it around his neck. Loves using it even more. Smitten, indeed.

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