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August 24, 2011



I have missed your posts and wondering how you are! It seems like a busy time for the both of you, with the start of the new school year fast approaching. I am looking forward to reading about your school seasonal activities! With time, both you and Bea should settle into your new rhythm, and the new season.
Here's wishing you some rain soon.


surely the weather will cool in the following weeks and bring some rain with it? here's hoping.....


Oh man, and here I was complaining about our hot summer but it seems that the cooler weather has finally arrived (and brought some rain along with it). I know how much our mood was affected by the weather so I am hoping there is relief in sight for you all. I also look forward to hearing more about your school plans! And whenever I start to feel that doubt or guilt creep in, I just remember "I am exactly where I need to be".


The long term weather forecast predict another several months (at least) of warmer and drier weather. La Nina is to blame. When the Pacific's waters cool, this is what usually happens here in Texas. So let's pray for the return of the El Nino weather pattern soon! Can you guess what I've been spending a lot of time googling lately. ;)


Hi Tanya,

This summer has been a very long one in regards to the weather! :) Yes, I think it's got us all feeling a little batty. We are due for some relief for sure! It will come soon hopefully.

I peeked at your blog. So lovely! All those boys and then your sweet girl... What a delight! I have four brothers - three of them older than me!


Aw...thanks...I missed being around here more too! When I am absent it usually means that life is busy.

Yes, I think Bea and I will do just fine once our new school rhythm begins!! It will be nice to be with all of the children again. We've missed them so!

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

glad you're back!

so sorry about your chickens and continued horrible heat and drought..... blech (to put it lightly).

I started working again a few days ago~ at an afternoon art program for children from 3-6pm in the same building as the Montessori school I worked for before C. She comes with me. It can go well or (mostly, so far) not so very well. I have the same questions about whether it's for the best or not, and if it's good for her or too difficult on her, but I think we'll find our groove. What a strange transition, though.



Oh my goodness. It would be fun to compare notes. There's not too many of us mamas playing both roles at the same time. Some days are just wonderful and then some are quite hard. Luckily, for us, it's only three morning a week.

In the end, I know it's good for her because she IS in a good place. A place that in nurturing and wholesome. She is loved there by so many people. If it weren't these challenges it would be others, you know?


Yuck. And yes you do sound well read! Im sure once you B transition to the new schedule things will be very well again.


oh, wow. That is so crazy. Sending you thoughts of coolness and water.
No one likes the rough patches but you, out of anyone, can handle it with grace.


"No one likes the rough patches but you, out of anyone, can handle it with grace. "

When I read that, first I laughed and then I thought, "gah, if she only knew...!"

I feel like the queen of stumbling almost all of the time.

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