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February 24, 2012



well done for biting the bullet and deciding. i a m much like you in that i move away form my blog when there are things bothering me. Like my heart is full and i cant think of a way to write it all down. I too have a long way to travel, when i am taking dd1 to school. I do it because in terms of connection with her it is the right thing to do. she goes to the school that i work in 3 days a week and this way it is always me who takes her and picks her up, not a childminder.
i hope that you will find time now to become truely excited about the wonderful decisions you have made!



congrats, nichole, on making such a big decision for yourself & your family! i'm cheering you on & knowing all good things await!

Miranda Makes

Nichole, I just this past week, resigned from my position with my main client. It was so hard, as I enjoy the work, and had a lot of doubt about what was right. Would I regret it in a year when Elsa is older and life gets easier? But then I thought about how ridiculous that is. To "just survive" through a baby's first year is a depressing thought.

This parenting/working/living thing is full of trade-offs, but it sounds to me like you have made the necessary, if difficult, decision to simplify. Congratulations! You are a brave lady!


I'm happy for you to ditch the commuting. That's a lot of time in the car. I really think you'll be able to offer a wonderful program in your home as well. You have such a caring spirit Nichole.... I have no doubt you will be able to find a few lucky families that will have their children spend their days with you & B.
Best of luck in your new endeavors.


Wow! Congratulations to you on making some big important decisions. It sounds like you could create a beautiful program at home for sure. Best of luck- in all regards.


I know how hard those kind of decisions are -- I made a similar one myself just over a year ago. Best decision ever, for me.

The ideas you have for your school at your home sounds wonderful. Wish our girls could play together...


Nichole, it sounds like such a great plan you've got going there! It sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm sure it will work out, I think Bea will love having new little friends to play with.


wow....what a post. thank you so much for sharing with us.
I think it sounds like you are following your heart and that is the best thing. I bet in no time at all you will be relieved in seeing that you have made the very best choices for you and your family.

My oldest is also very social. She LOVES school. She would not thrive as much in a homeschool situation- even though I have thought about it many times. I am always happy on her days off, the weekends and vacations. She is always eager to get back to school. ; )

Your little family is so sweet. Enjoy every minute of it...I know you do.

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