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March 13, 2012



Kids and dirt - a beautiful thing. She looks very much at home! Juni spent this past weekend gleefully searching out earthworms in our garden bed, reminding them to keep our garden healthy...


I think you seem very wise, funny, tender, joyful, loving.
I mean, she must get it from somewhere...


Oh thank you Cory. I'm also dry and sarcastic which, I think, is sometimes hard to pull off in a blog setting.



Yep. Two peas those two are.


i read a lot of mama blogs these days, but never, NEVER do i wish to be a mama more than when i read about your adventures with bea. i've said it before, & i'll say it again. you, rad mama, inspire me! ...& i just love these images of you two digging in the dirt together! looks like good, dirty, spring time FUN.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

THAT is some pretty soil! And cinder blocks. Well, we need something to build our last bed with and we have a whole pile of them..... can't believe I hadn't made the connection until now- thanks!


When I read this comment, even though I was tired and headachy (from being tired), I smiled a heartfelt smile. Then I thought, "I wonder what blogs she reads?" There's a lot of really wonderful mama bloggers out there and I can truly barely fathom deserving your wonderful comment.

I'm glad it's Bea's hand that I get to hold as I find my way through motherhood.


It was still a little damp from weekend rains, but yes, it's good soil. Yep, the cinder blocks are easy because you can always move them around to make different configurations later on. You can also plant herbs or flowers in the holes of the blocks (which is pretty cool, I think). Cinder blocks are not the prettiest, but they are pretty functional....

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