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March 15, 2012



What a great hand me down! I am having some very serious bowl envy! How lovely of your mom to take care of it and then pass it down to you for your daughter. My father gave me a Beatrix Potter cereal set that I gave to my daughter for my granddaughter to use. I love using items with a family history and it sounds like you do too.
Have a wonderful Thursday.
{visiting via Cory}.


I'm having bowl envy too.

I love this post- what you've shared is so lovely. And I agree with the wonder and coolness of what memories second-hand items hold.

big love,


p.s. where did you get the candleholder in back?
I have been looking for one like that for so long!!!!!!


This whole post made my heart warm. I often think about my mom and mama the same way, looking through their family photos and reflecting on their life and the time they lived through. It's so magical...


I love this post! And such special, meaningful treasures... thank you for sharing.


Oh Tracey, I've been waiting for a beatriix potter bowl set to enter our lives too!

I have a great admiration for the elders in my family. Holding on to their everyday belongings somehow makes me feel as though they are still with me.


Thank you Cory! The candle holder was purchased at an antique mall. I looked around for a really long time for one at thrift stores but never ran into one. I caved when I saw this one. :) it's done a wonderful job of providing light to our dinners. Much love, Nichole


You are so lucky to have such mementoes and family, and I love how you realise and appreciate that so much. The bowl and cup are gorgeous, and how wonderful that you trust B to use them.


I love your dishes that you found! My favorite section at any thrift store is the kitchen. Love the old family photo :)

Amanda @ Blue LaReve

I just love all of my hand me downs and family treasures. They add so much love and comfort to a home.


Aw, thanks Olivia. My grandparents and my mom have been such an amazing influence to my life. Their work is so inspirational to me!


You are so welcome, Catherine. It's my pleasure, really. I feel really blessed by my family roots!


Thank you Rach. I feel the same way too about my family. They are such dear people to me and have influenced my life in so many tremendous ways! Bea is very careful with her dishes. I think it is because she has had very little experience with plastic dishes, both at home and at school. She has learned through much experience with breakable objects to be gentle and to pay respect to them.


The kitchen is the heart of the home...:)


Don't they??? I agree! I think these objects add layers and layers of character and richness to life and to the home!

Baby by the Sea

the pig bowl is just insane. seriously. and the flat tire nap? perfect.

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