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March 05, 2012



Beautiful post! Adore the poppy photograph...it makes me excited for Spring/summer days!

amanda {the habit of being}

your life right now sounds so full of peace and contentment.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

it's sweet to picture you across the street, having a tiny bit of time to yourself while getting to hear the laughter from your loves..... that must have been a pretty nice moment.

the flowers are beautiful, the bunny adorable..... I too just recently received my first copy of that sweet new magazine- refreshing, isn't it?

keep enjoying that evening bath~


Good times, indeed!


Aw...thanks Amanda. It's always a work in progress. But yeah, it's really good.


I know!! I still remember your gorgeous photos of your girls in the field of poppies from last year! How was that already a year ago??


Yeah, I totally understand that one. I feel that way a lot! How's taproot? Thinking of subscribing, but would like to get the lowdown first! Love the bunny!!


Taproot is good. Nova Natural sent me this copy. I haven't subscribed yet. They ought to be sending one to you too!


i too love the sounds and smells of spring! p.s I really love the egg photo! not sure why though ha ha

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