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March 11, 2012


amanda {the habit of being}

LOVE the skirts!! maybe i can brush up my sewing skills by the time sarah b. is old enough to wear a twirly skirt! and soup and bread sound so comforting...enjoy!


Twirly skirts are about the easiest thing one can sew up, I believe. Seriously, if you can cut a rectangle and sew three straight lines, you shouldn't have a problem. Well worth it!


Love those twirly skirts! Sew sew sew for that little girl! My girl is almost 12 and now we sew together, her taste has become a bit persnickity at times, but who can blame a girl who knows what she likes. BTW I have discovered that charm packs can make really fun twirly skirts! Give it a try.


Nichole, I think you *know* I'm seriously challenged when it comes to crafting, do you think even I could make a twirly skirt for my youngest? I do actually own a sewing machine...I wouldn't have a clue about how do it though...


You could totally make a little skirt for L and for K. There's so many tutorials out there for skirts, but basically you cut 2 rectangles, sew the two sides together to make a front and back of the skirt, hem it, and add elastic. They look way cuter than they are easy (if that makes any sense).


Sweet! I look forward to the day that Bea and I sew together! She's been embroidering on burlap and I adore watching her use a needle and thread. I also love that she's still so young that no matter what I make for her,she is happy as a lark about it.


~wonderful skirts and fabric too!!
I enjoy your compostition af the photographs,
happy weekend:0)


Thank you Natasha! Making little girl clothes and photography are two of my great loves!!

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