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May 02, 2012



Ha! Juni is crazy about bacon as well! And I have to say, I completely agree. There is nothing better than a few pieces of bacon beside some maple syrupy pancakes on a lazy morning.

And we love that book... I can't wait to see your bean teepee. We have far too many deer roaming about to plant one. And bunnies. And moles. You get the picture...

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

Sounds like your time has just been filled with much sweeter things than blogging! (happy you are back though;)

I LOVE that dappled wavy light in the 6th photo. Love everything about hat photo, really.

bacon. I find myself wondering if it's not her very favorite food as well. I know I sure like it.... I was a vegetarian for years and joked about bacon being the "gateway meat".

Do you have a favorite recipe for granola bars? I've never made them~

cheers from NC!


I can't comment on the bacon, being a life-long vegetarian, but I like the sound of pancakes, oh, and those granola bars sound great! If you've made them three times in one week, I'm going to have to ask you for the recipe as they must be good!

amanda {the habit of being}

we are all bacon lovers in this house. always love finding out we're not the only ones afflicted with bacon weakness ;-)

and the list thing... i have found that sometimes when i'm blocked (mentally, emotionally, creatively) and don't know where to start, a list is the right place. write the list, gears begin turning, said block lifts. so maybe this list will help :)


the life you've carved out is beautiful. thank you for sharing it with us, friend.


I hope our beans tee pee is successful too! The teepee turned out pretty tall and so every time I'm out in the backyard I wonder how in the world will the beans grow enough to reach the top (or even close). Hmmm...


Thank you, Amanda on the sixth picture love!!

Oh, if there is one meat that is a getaway, it's got to be bacon. Who could resist??? It's a guilty pleasure for sure.

The granola bars deserve a post of their own....:) I'll give you a hint though -- smitten kitchen.


Three batches in one week is pretty crazy huh? I keep asking myself how could this be healthy. Well, it is, sort of.

The recipe is heavily inspired from smitten kitchen, but I'm thinking I'll post about my version soon. :)


Thank you Amanda. You pretty much have me figured out! :) In reality, I have to force myself to make lists. It's not something I naturally love, but I always love it when I take the time to do it.

Off topic: Even though I've been a lousy commenter on all of my buddies' blogs, you should know that I've loved your recent posts -all of them, but especially the one about Red Bean. You are inspiring, dear!!


I try to leave the messy stuff off of these pages. In all seriousness, thank you. I'm glad you continue to visit.

Nikole Sarvay

agreeing wholeheartedly with Sarah. :) messy can be beautiful too, though I struggle with how much to share of that realm. i'd love to know about your daily rhythm with sweet bea. and we're just putting another round of beans in the ground. I think perhaps a bean teepee is in order!

always happy to see a post from you in my feed. xo


Sweet lady you are, Nikole!! Thank you for your kind words and yes, I can't wait for the beans to take over our bamboo tee pee!! It's getting hot here and we are going to need all the shaded spaces we can find!!


Well, I guess I am in minority regarding the bacon love - pardon me for that (and being a Jew has nothing to do with it, believe me:)
I wonder if a bean tee pee can work here - never saw it is Israel, though it seams as our climate is pretty much as yours - a hot and humid summer. Could you recommend any resource for a beginner?
May I ask you about a tire in the fifth picture? Is it kind of the balancing road? You might smile on that - the other day I picked a tire (I am kind of that person that never passes by any garbage dump without looking around for anything we could take and renovate or reuse. More than that, our son is used to doing the same).


Dear Miri,
Sorry about my slowness...You know, I think Artful Parent had a few posts dedicated to the bean tee-pee she and her family made last year. I think beans would probably grow great in Israel. Yes, I think we have similar climates.

I'll try to post about how we made our tee-pee soon!

The tire is an incomplete see-saw. We need to add handles to it. It's inspired from a pinterest link on my board for outdoor environments for children.

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