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May 20, 2012



yes! bees! I want them so badly! if you do it I can live vicariously!


I adore you top photo! Just gorgeous!

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

I thought I had a lot of old pyrex. Nope. Not AT all~ now I have pyrex envy. (and also a photo to refer to whenever Mike looks at me funny when I bring home a new thrifted pyrex dish..... I can say "see? SHE has WAY more than me!" ;)

Spying those hives, I thought maybe you'd done some convincing and some figuring out of logistics...... but keeping them at a local community garden sounds TOTALLY doable~ good luck!

I love your new header photo- Claire has little red saltwaters than she will soon outgrow and I just may have to get myself a pair when I order some new ones for her.

think you've got the new poster girl for zucchini there (not that there is a poster girl for zucchini, but still...)


Ok, now I have to hit some garage sales this weekend, because I need more pyrex!!! :)


"Pyrex organization" made me laugh out loud. :) Me, too.

Lovely photos and content, Nichole.

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