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June 25, 2012



Wow, your picture of Bea in front of the lake is so stunning! The water looks so emerald in colour!

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

oh man, at first I was thinking "wow, look at those aspens- look at all that amazing green and white!", but then you throw in the pictures of that incredible lake...... so now it's "wow, look at that lake- all that blue and green!" what GORGEOUS photos, Nichole~ love 'em!

it's a funny little dance, blogging... isn't it? we share these lovely photos and feel a little like we're lying if we don't add in at least a bit about the tantrums (child and adult), the bickering, etc.... at least I know I feel that way. I left my tantrum out of my recent camping post, just couldn't find a fitting way to bring it up. And honestly, there's probably something like that that I could add in to most of my posts, I guess it comes down to what I feel like documenting at the time in my little 'chronicle of our days'.

where did you go, by the way? I feel like I want to add wherever that is to my list of places to eventually get to!



Papa Live Free says,
My lecture consisted of - We are almost there and we came completely prepared - rope, compass, whistle, water tablets, knife, reflecting mirror, some warm clothes, ponchos (for rain and shelter). Also we were on a well traveled trail and a friend knew we going there.

So push on to the goal and remember the guy who swam halfway across the english channel, gave up, said he could not swim all the way across and swam back.

Oh and don't forget the retired seventy year vet who came down with us - after he summited the peak!


my goodness.... those pictures are stunning!! looks like you had an amazing adventure :)

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