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July 16, 2012



I love how your photographs always show the peace and beauty in your surroundings. They calm me!
What a wonderful trip and how you must have adored her singing in the church.
I know what you mean about focusing on the now. I am trying to be mindful these days too.
I have tagged you in a meme "how do you find time to..."on my blog, if you find time to answer questions about your life.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

I too am finding myself wanting to record and write down all of the sweet and silly things that come out of Claire's mouth these days.... today I told her to be careful with our dog and not to grab him. well, I guess she thought I was being ridiculous, thinking she'd do that (though I've seen her do it, of course) because she looked at me and said "maybe I will go inside now. you are being rude." I just kinda grabbed her and laughed. they are so funny.

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