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July 29, 2012


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Pink Ronnie

First time visiting from Amanda's!
I used to have three (or four) different blogs and ended up consolidating everything because it was too hard to maintain so many and like you said, it all happens under the one roof anyway. Your readers will probably appreciate being able to find all your content in the one place. :)
Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!
Ronnie xo


I've only had one blog so I cannot help you, I'm sure you will find a solution that you like. Love your pile of books!!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

What a wonderful weekend! I agree that consolidation is a great idea if you are doing it all under one roof... that is your life! Share it in one place!

amanda {the habit of being}

Your daily routine echos ours. We tend to flip our schedules with the seasons - out in the mornings at the park, running errands, working in the yard, then lunch, a/c consumption ;-) In the fall/winter, the outside bit comes after lunch.

Hope you and B get some downtime soon!


i've gone back and forth with blogs, trying to bring them together, separating them... i now have 3, and it feels right for their content.
depends on what you NEED. for example, i needed to speak and write indulgently on my inner thoughts, but didn't work with a mama blog.
but if it's just a matter of separating topics, it may not be necessary.

good luck!


Hey Nichole,
I think the consolidated blog is perfect, bringing it all home:) I'm glad that you're finding inspiration in new books! Let me know how they are! I wish we were as busy as you, but these past few weeks with the baby in the hospital and the A/C still out its been hard to do anything! But AC guy comes today fingers cross, and we'll hopefully have cool air blowing on us once again:)

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