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August 14, 2012


Sara E. Cotner

Oh, the quotes gave me goosebumps! Love! Love!

Your environment is so beautiful (and I feel lucky to be able to say that from first-hand experience)! Let me know if you need a quote for some marketing materials!

P.S. I've been coveting your bungalow lately, worried that we are building a modern home to hold my bungalow heart.


Thanks for the visual and quotey inspiration. Sounds like it is all coming together. How exciting! I have had those Ikea wire thingies forever and they are still in the package. One of these days...


Thanks! I'm still glad we got to hang out. There's about a million things I'd like to pick your brain on, especially after reading through some of your archives on your blog. We have a lot in common, though you surpass me in orderliness and ambition...:) Wow...We were torn for awhile too between the two styles too. Hard decision, both have a lot to offer. A good modern structure (I think) can take a lot of inspiration from older designs.

Yes, yes, yes on the help for a quotes/ideas for marketing. I'll PM you. Thank you, thank you for the offer!


Thanks Catherine! It is a labor of love that's for sure!! It doesn't surprise me one bit that you have the Ikea thingys too. They are really easy to install (says the wife who youtubed power drill videos for help in changing out the bit)...Oh, I can't believe I just typed that....


it looks like you are making a beautiful space. :)

thank you SO much re: the quotes from my book .. lifted my heart seeing them here! xo


Thank you so much for visiting Lori. Your book has been a wonderful breath of fresh air. Thank *you* for writing it. So much of it resonates so deeply, not just because it is a wonderful homeschooling resource, but because you articulate so succinctly the importance of really living out the family culture. Living the life that really matters...And that, I believe, is the most important piece of the puzzle.

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