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November 07, 2012



I'm blown away. Powerful. Thank you.


Thank you Lissadell. That kind of comment from you means a lot.


Oh that Miss Rumphius...... I wish for us all to find a way to bring beauty to this world... to live each day with great love & care in our hearts.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

"All day, each day, we make little choices that have the power to stack one on top of the other. I want my stack high full of meaningful, helpful, choices so that when my daughter becomes old enough to go forth on her own, her foundation will be so strong and so certain."

LOVE that. Beautiful, Nichole~ especially about the small choices gaining power as they stack up together... I often go through my days, the challenging ones in particular, trying SO hard to be mindful and remember that each little positive and good choice I make and thing that I do will amplify as they add up, and will likely be able to transform a challenging day into a wonderful one.

thanks for the reminder.


I've been thinking a lot about this.

I don't mention politics on my blog, but I'm so glad to read this post. I LOVE our president and I have never felt more proud of our country or hopeful as I do today.

P.s. have you seen this


Oh yes, I don't get political very often and this post wasn't intended to be "political'. But I couldn't help but once again feel so inspired listening to his acceptance speech. What a way he has for connecting with people...

Thanks for the link. That was a GOOD one too! :)


Thank YOU, Amanda. Your words, as well, are always a source of inspiration to me as well.


Yep...indeed. XO.

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