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January 31, 2013



Awe. I love this post and I often feel the same way!


That's why I like your blog. It make the mundane seem special. And you are not common. Really, I can tell. I like how you capture the inner snippets of the day. And when you do, they are no longer mundane.


I will remember you. I do remember you...
PS Agree with every single word, as usual. including writing during daytime. Feeling a bit sad for my pure English, so that I could have expressed myself better. And.. it is my Birthday by the way...:) thank you for celebrating it with me...:)


um... you are not "common."
you are not mediocre.
You may have those thoughts about yourself, but they are just thoughts.
I think, your potential is measured by you.


Ha! I'm so glad that you got a moment to write. Ive missed your words. They are, so beautiful. Those precious moments for me have now been consumed with practicing the guitar. I have been dreaming of performing again. But, like you, those moments of stillness in the house are so few and and far between. But we can still dream! Xxoo

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

blabbering about the experiences and emotions of daily life is where it's at! I write and feel that more often than not, it's all "today we planted xyz and ate this" kind of stuff as well. I chronicle my little life and worry not since I've not made any promises of bringing anything extraordinary to the table. it's the little seemingly ordinary and insignificant moments that make our lives, you know? and....... maybe our seemingly insignificant little worlds, and the snippets of them, are interesting to each other, to others..... I think because it reminds us all of how it IS good and important work to revel in the daily moments, the ordinary little things that build our world. (that, and it's fun to peek in on other folks' worlds) it is the work of my life, for sure- to keep myself on my toes looking for the beauty around me to marvel at and soak myself in.

I love reading your posts~ I certainly look forward to them and notice when you haven't written in a while. and know what? I think you've 'upturned our hidden connection' through your words here!


Your influence goes far beyond your immediates. All those kids whose lives you've touched, anyone who meets you, anyone who reads your blog. Your joy in the everyday, and the beauty you both create and see in it are both joyful and profound. You are uncommon I would say - there's none I've come across just like you. You inspire me.

amanda {the habit of being}

i feel the same way. i am so happy to know i am in excellent company.

for what it's worth: i think you are unique.


In a world that is ablaze in words and images, it is your corner of the blog world that I always find a moment to recenter. Your words, your images, your work at home and outside resonates with truth and beauty at every turn. I am always in awe.

And please do tell where those precious mugs come from with your intials. I know a little one who would love one.

With gratitude for your many gifts.


You are really kind, Mindy. Thank you for chiming in. Your words mean so much.


Aw...Miri. I know you will. I didn't mean to sound like I was looking for praise. I really wasn't. (But boy, sometimes we don't realize how nice it is to hear a compliment until we get a bunch!) More than anything, I think I was just having a conversation with myself and admitting that I'm not the lady doing anything great beyond the usual. And that's okay too. I'm so glad you still stop by and read. You are such a person! I hope you are well. Your children must be getting so big by now.


Cory....these words coming from you - the lady who literally accomplishes anything she puts her mind too! All that quilting and knitting and cooking you've learned to do in no time flat. You are amazing! Ladies like you keep me humble.


I've been wanting to ask how the acting classes are going. I've been trying to teach myself guitar for awhile now too. I keep losing my callouses because I practice so infrequently...Oy. Bad student. I miss you too. All the time. Thanks for the love.


You are such a wise woman, Amanda. You are, you are, you are. One day I want to be as comfortable with the imperfections of life as you are. (And I mean that previous sentence in a entirely nice, awesome way.) Actually, you are one of the women that I look up to. You've got it going on in your little part of the world, Amanda. And I'm so glad I have had the chance to get to know you, if not personally, then at least virtually.


Wow...I'm totally grinning and blushing too. Thank you Rach. You are really nice to say such a thing. Everyone's encouraging comments were totally unexpected. When I wrote that post, I felt like I was just talking to myself, rambling once again, about life and the passage of time. Thank you so much for commenting. It always means the world to me to hear from readers.


Whatever, Amanda!!! You are not common, my dear. So far from it. I'm constantly awed that all of you amazing writers, and mothers, and knitters, and cooks still actually visit my little online space here. Thank you for your super words. I feel so special now -- blushing and smiling and so surprised by all the sweet love.


Beth, I'm so surprised by all of the sweet words readers have left for me. I really wasn't expecting much response. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for taking the time to comment. The little mugs come Gleena: http://gleena.com/category.php?category_id=2


Thank you! Glad I'm not alone!


oh I love this......
and ordinary people are my favorite (i'm ordinary too!)
having time to see your life happen, to notice dishes, eggs from the hens, the gift in each cup of coffee...
that is a wonderful thing.
you're the kind of girl that keeps me grounded.
and you're amazing.

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