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February 04, 2013



Interestingly, I also have a great grandmother named Leontine! How strange is that? Where is your great grandma from? Mine hails from Quebec, as do I. Thanks for sharing your treasures. :)


My family is Cajun French (from Louisiana). My family tree is full pretty and old-fashion french first and last names. :)


What an incredible heritage you have (and quilt). Cajun Louisiana...swoon. I'm sure we all know that you weren't seeking approval, and that you didn't think having a simple life was bad either. Cos it isn't. Lori is amazing, so prolific though, I struggle to keep up.

amy jane

What a beautiful quilt! I cannot imagine hand stitching that many patches! ...And I too can relate to the days when making dinner and mothering just feels so monotonous. I struggle with it, because I know that of course I should expect to have days like that, but at the same time I know how fleeting these moments are and feel like I should appreciate every little one of them. I cannot believe B will be 4 this year and Lucy will be 6!!! She is just getting so big I can hardly believe my eyes.

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