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April 02, 2013



Beautiful photos Nichole! Recording it like this makes you realise just how busy children are in their play!

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

I too go back and forth between wanting to tote my camera around (no smartphone here yet.... I like to think I'm happily holding out but then I regularly call Mike to ask him to look things up for me when I'm out.... ah well) and leaving it behind so that I'm more in the moment instead of documenting the moment. BUT- documenting the moments brings me such joy usually, and I think there's a good happy medium in there somewhere. we are in the thick of early three year old 'ness', which is throwing me for quite a loop some days, and so I have a big appreciation lately of sweet and easy days. today was a pretty sweet and easy day for us. we woke up and lazily ate breakfast together, checked on the garden and hens, piddled around the house, visited neighbors, then walked to town to buy some birthday gifts for papa and then headed to art class. now, dinner's in our bellies and I'm here as she paints. I'm thinking dessert, and then about hitting the sack with her. her asleep, and me with a good book until I join her in dreamland. cheese making sounds GREAT- I've only made yogurt cheese and once, ricotta- wish we had a good local dairy down the road! and look at Bea with those big ol' thousand cubes and such! Claire has been totally immersed in art and art only lately, but I want to get her some new math materials.
cheers from nc! xo

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