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May 21, 2013



Oh, Nichole. What beautifully, calm spaces you have arranged for Beatrix. You have made such a wonderful invitation for imaginative play, creativity, and restful sleep...the warmth of the wood, soft but cheerful color, sunlight, natural materials...full of loveliness. ~heather


It looks so lovely! I am inspired by the open clean uncluttered view of everything. We're starting over here and while the house was added onto, the original bedrooms are quite small. I'm doing my best to keep the little kids shared room uncluttered and a space for rest..... Bea's room has given me some lovely ideas!


I just discovered your blog. :)
What a beautiful home! Ours, like yours is set up for everyone in the family. We have four kids and home school- so our house is set up as such. Our son who is 6 never plays in his upstairs room. It has become very simple, with just a bed, bureau, and shelf. All his favorite things are downstairs where we all tend to be.
Again, I love your decor- so sunny and bright!
Take care,


Absolutely gorgeous. I love how light and spacious it is! That is one lucky gal.


Amazing...really, so amazing. Who would not want to live and work and learn in these gorgeous spaces?! And, oh...those windows!!! Love.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

her new room looks so sweet and inviting~ I love the color of the walls. and Claire has the same book on her bedside table (On the Banks of Plum Creek)!

I always enjoy a good rearranging~ are those little wall book shelves something you made or did you buy those somewhere? I love them- something like that would be perfect for Claire's room......


That is truly beautiful! I envy the natural light. Thank you so much for sharing.


Your spaces are so pretty!
I'm struggling with our to dress our sash windows, I put curtains up and they block so much light I take them down again.
What are solar shades? I've not heard that term in the UK.


Oh, and I wanted to say, I love her trundle bed.
We're looking to have beds handmade for the girls and I would love something low to the ground like your trundle bed.


Thanks so much Heather! There's a (small) part of me that often feels like I limit too much of what comes into our home, so it's nice to know that from the outside looking in, it feels inviting and warm. Thank you for visiting!!


Oh Stephinie, you are an old hat to all of this! I'm sure your new home will look incredibly lovely in no time. I shared a bedroom with my mom and younger bro until I was 10 and then with my younger bro until high school. And my brothers all shared one room together as well. I remember that I had one shelf during my childhood years that had my things on it -- that's it. And my brothers each had a trunk that had their personal belongings. We had community/family toys in the living room book case. My mom was a master at using space wisely and not accumulating too much stuff. The old adage "a place for everything and everything in its place" says it all, doesn't it? :)


Hi Melanie,

It's nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by. I grew up in a big family and we shared bedrooms the entire time. I remember we had very few toys (but enough) . Our bedrooms were sleeping quarters and most of our things that we played with were often kept in the living room bookshelf. And my daughter's play habits are just the same, naturally. I think less is always more when it comes to stuff -- especially toys!


Thank you Carla! I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! I feel incredibly grateful for this gig of mine!


Aw...Thanks Megan. Really. Thank you. I like it, but I don't ever assume that other's will. To me, it's just home.


Thank you, Amanda. The whole house is painted that one color. At first, I wasn't sure if we should keep it -- did it look too new construction boring. But really after we moved in, I couldn't think of a reason to change it. It works everywhere! AND it's done! We don't have to worry about paint colors or one more house project. The little shelves that hold her books are $4 spice racks from IKEA. They make perfect book shelves...


Thank you so much, Rachel. Yes, it's what I love most about our house. I still can't believe how many windows we have. Natural light can make anything beautiful...


The same thing happened to me. When we moved in, I covered all of our windows with curtains from IKEA (least expensive and decent prints). But our windows are so big and there are so many of them, that it made the rooms look too heavy, KWIM...So gradually, I've taken a lot down. And this year, room by room, when our budget allowed, we've installed solar shades. Some people call them honeycomb shades or cellular shades. They supposedly offer the most weather protection (help to insulate) against the drafts, offer nice privacy, and allow for light to still penetrate through. I like them because they aren't clunky or distracting and I wanted something simple that wouldn't take away from the beauty of the windows themselves...:)

So you might want to look into that option...Good luck!!


Thank you! We bought it from an estate sale a couple of years back. It's been the perfect toddler bed. She's been sleeping in it since she was 18 months. Handmade beds for your girls sounds dreamy. I hope you'll post about your new house one day! I can't wait to see. I can only imagine the sweetness and charm...


So, are they like blinds that roll up and pull down?


Nichole, I have a weakness for pretty photos and I just don't feel inspired to photograph my house right now. There is so much renovating to do, awful wallpaper to strip down, bare plaster in our living room. I just couldn't bare to catalogue it all right now on my blog. I hope to get there someday though!


So very true! I'm looking around in this new space and doing my best to make it clutter free..... it's amazing what one (or six) can accumulate. I think I might follow your alphabet cards idea for the little one's bedroom.... before I know it they'll be too big for such art. And it will remind me of you + Lissadell too :)


I love it, so calming. What is the empty building next to her dollhouse...intriguing...My daughter's room is my favourite room in the house as it is uncluttered too. Unfortunately I live with a man who will just not get rid of anything-pulls things out of charity bags when I pack them up...sigh...


I love your home's simplistic, calming and cozy warm style. Can you please share where you got your daughter's doll house, barn and the fluffy white rug? These are all things that have been on my wish list. I have no idea where to get the rug and the houses and barns similar to yours that I have found cost $300 so I think I am hoping my husband who enjoys working with wood can replicate them. I get most of my treasures at thrift stores, yard sales and consignment but sometimes you need to splurge to get exactly what you are looking for with homemade quality. What shops do you frequent? Also where do you get your bedding?
Thank you!


Hi Jodi,
Thank you for your kind words. We found the dollhouse on Craigslist, but you can find a similar one on Nova Naturals in their doll play section. The barn was made by my grandfather several decades ago. It was passed down to us. The rug comes from Costco Wholesale. I made her quilt a few years back. I like palaumba toys and Nova Naturals, but mostly everything we have has been thrifted. we've been lucky to find such wonderful pieces.


It's a barn. My grandfather made it many, many years ago. Yes, I love children's spaces, I think, more than (or at least just as much as) grown up spaces. ;)

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