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August 25, 2013


nicole spring

Have you read any of Marguerite Henry's books? Those were my favs growing up and now my daughters love them, too (and the Breyer horses that go with them!)


I have been hoping to find a picture book version of Black Beauty in person to preview it for the sad/scary factor. There are several:



I think this one looks very gentle and sweet:

And Daphne received a "Pony Scouts" book for her birthday that is very sweet. It is a level too hard for her to read on her own but maybe next year... There are many in the series:


This was my most favorite book as a child (I still have my copy!)

And this was second to it, but not by much:

I'm off to Wishlist the horse books on your list!!

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

very sweet collage of lovely summer days~ looks like a good time was had for sure! makes me want to take Claire out for milkshakes before summer's end. this weekend we tried a couple new eateries here in town- good stuff. definitely added to the potential October visit list ;)
love from nc~


Who would have thought I DONT UNDERSTAND My heart is broken trying to put the pieces back together GBL O GBD --shawshank GOD BLESS USA WNY


No, I haven't. But they are on my list. Appropriate for a 4.5 year old??


Oh...I love these. I bookmarked them last week. We loved your first list you gave us. Enjoyed almost all of those books too! We haven't gotten our hands on the Sleep Ponies yet though. We also have been loving Everything But the Horse http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0064X8H3O by Holly Hobbie. That pony ride at D's 4th birthday is what inspired all of this!! Thank you!!


If you ever come to Georgetown, I will share with you my very favorite milkshake in all the land. Just a few blocks away from us...

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