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September 01, 2013



Love it! And love your picture. Beautiful image going into Fall. Yeah! I understand it all. Xxoo


Oh, how I want to get off of Facebook...maybe this post will give me the push I need...So glad you are taking care of yourself!


Love ya, L!!


The first day was hard. But now, I only feel relieved that I don't have to "check in".


Oh Nichole, Prodigal Summer has a special spot in my heart as well. I rather wallowed in it many years back, when I was in a weird, in-betweenish sort of place. It was a meditation. And a balm. And I very much know what you mean about the preciousness of handwritten letters. I have a box of them. Then, at some point, all that letter writing stopped. Now I am so much more connected and so much less. And I would never save e-mails the way I have saved all those letters - piled up in an old box, a treasure indeed.


I took a week off of FB and it was great and then I went right back to FB... I really keep looking at the role it plays in my life and where that healthy spot is. I'm so happy to hear you have found yours! I feel so scared to let go of that social lifeline when so many days are just me and the girls. But at the same time, it really isn't the satisfying form of connection that I often want? These times of social media and constant electronics are not so easy to navigate for a girl like me!


I hemmed and hawed about tuning out for a long time too for the same reason (of needing some sort of outlet during my days home alone with B). In my ideal dream world, I live in a place where my children and my neighbors' children can run free while we parents chat across the fenceline or on a nice big porch. Until then, I'll be found walking the social media tightrope. :)


Yes, yes, yes.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

you inspired me, another who was on the fence for so so long. now that's school (work) is back in for the year, I found the decision easier because I'm seeing how time is again slipping through my fingers and I don't want to give any more of it to Facebook. for now. thanks for the unintended gentle nudge ;)

LOVED prodigal summer. I've read it a couple times. Love her novels that go through multiple characters- Poisonwood Bible may be my all time favorite.



well, it's a hard thing...because i do miss friends like you, but i also know that too much of a good thing just isn't... good.

so far, it still feels pretty nice not being there.... :)

that barbara, is oh so lovely...

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