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October 07, 2013



love this........... happy belated birthday to you~~


Happy birthday. Your heartfelt post brought another tear to my eye. And that second photo is breathtaking.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

what a lovely and honest post~ and a very HAPPY belated birthday to you, sweet friend! see you soon ;)


Thank you Stephinie!!


Aw...you are so sweet, Rach. Thank you!


Eek! Yes, see you soon. And oh, thank you, of course. XO. :)


Oh- whatever you do, please keep writing and showing up.
Your posts are so heartwarming. Truly.


this was so, so beautiful! i really enjoyed it + share an october birthday as well!
i love what you wrote about your grandmother. i miss all of my grandparents so very, very much.
i find myself thinking about life in new ways as i get older.
i think you may enjoy this post. it brought me to tears. i loved it + will keep it with me!
and your photographs! just dreamy!!!


Hmm...thanks Cory. And thanks for showing up and reading...XO.


I just wrote you an email saying so much and then it wouldn't send to your email address and in the process of figuring out why I erased most all of my email. Gah! The essence was that some words you spoke in this post brought tears that have been lingering for the past couple of weeks. And choosing love, as it is the only path to travel (what you wrote), reminded me that I must let go in order to appreciate more deeply all that I have. Thank you for that reminder. xo.


I'm sorry about the email! That's so frustrating. It's always a process of accepting and letting go. I'm learning we are never really 'done'. There's always more to learn about ourselves... which turns out to learning more about others.


Yes, you're so right, we are never really "done". Which feels comforting...like there's no ideal place to "get to" and there's no "better" effort to be making. x.

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