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November 06, 2013


amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

this makes me want to be sitting snuggled up under flannel sheets with a book and tea, for sure. right now, please. actually, as I'm up before Claire, I'm heading out to the fire to sit on the couch and do just about that...... I love this list, Nichole~ gosh I loved LOVED that book. sweet and magical and heartbreaking all at once. we are enjoying the books you brought down for Claire very much- that Gyo is amazing, no doubt about it.


Oh goodness, I so need a real life person to talk to about that book! beautiful. the scene of the three of them ice skating on river...and that feeling of all encompassing love. and to reach that point after longing for so long...and to lose it again...and to rediscover love with partner...oh,it was just magical.




Loved The Snow Child!!

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