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November 24, 2013



oh Nicole....... I love this....
that first picture is stunning, truly.
sleet? in your neck of the woods? I can't even imagine.
I found myself missing the balmy early winter of the south today as I shoveled the contents of a barn floor into our trailer for the garden. 28 degrees. brrr.....
sometime we must talk about school, I find myself leaning towards an open-air-nature based center for little ones in the future. it's a good way to keep hanging out with the little ones i adore so much.....


what a lovely weekend. it was wet and chilly here as well. very nice to get occasionally. <3

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

I too love that picture of sweet little Bea~ oh we'll just have to get together again when all are well so we can really just full on play and chat for days!
cold here, too- in the 20s and 30s at night for the coming week or so, not a whole lot warmer during the day.... 40s. brrrr. fire and tea and extra blankets, indeed! that cd sounds pretty sweet~


oh...well, the contents of a barn floor...that's gotta make the start of a great garden! yes, it's most typical to still be wearing skirts and sandals right now in the south as we were the day before this front came. i'm sure the day we go out to buy our christmas tree, we will be sweating and that will make me grumpy. :) grr....but being from alaska and all, you would think that 28 degrees is still balmy. have you read the snow child by any chance? set in alaska and just BEAUTIFUL. i thought of you while i read it.

i love talking about schooling, unschooling, the way we learn, all that stuff. anytime.


can't deny the loveliness of gray - especially at this time of the year!


yep...to getting together again! stay warm and cozy. the wool roving ought to help in that department. i've been trying for days to comment on your blog (ahem, on my phone) and it just won't let me do it. i'm at the computer right now. seems to be the most efficient means. will stop by and say hi soon from the big screen.


I just saw the Snow Child in our Chinaberry catalog..... now Ive added it to my reading list! Our time in Alaska was coastal.... so its fairly temperate. 28 degrees is chilly for them too! Everything is grey still here.... Its amazing how green the south stays year round, Id almost forgotten the different stages of winter. Dreaming of snow, for sure....

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

huh. probably some lame blogger/blogspot thing. cheers from NC, and Happy Thanksgiving!


beautiful weekend and beautifully written!

we live in an old house, too and know all about the drafty, the fingers and toes that never seem to get toasty ;-) if i were a quilter or made of money, we'd have quilts for curtains and door coverings. alas, we just live in layers ;-)

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