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December 09, 2013



i cannot even begin to tell you how much we are enjoying these cooler temps! the need to drink hot tea! hot cocoa! spiced cider!

love the sound of that festival - i frequently wish there was some venue we could venture to that fit us and our family's choices. you are very lucky!


yes! i know you will soak up every last bit of chill that ole man winter blows down upon us.


pretty pics- and I just love your home so much.
we had someone give us a homemade bird feeder (no pinecone) and the dog ate it. grrrrrrr
please pop over to my space for a giveaway! I'd love to see you there.


Cory, I'm so sorry. I think I missed your giveaway. I haven't spent much time at the big computer this week and am just getting time to connect with a real keyboard and such. I bet tons of people entered! You are wonderful and inspiring and I love reading your words. I hope you keep surfing and writing about it, because it sounds heavenly (something I use to dream of doing when I was younger!) XO, Nichole

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