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February 02, 2014


amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

this time it's the fifth photo calling out to me. actually, I'd really love to enlarge it poster-size and hang it in our house somewhere....... email me letting me know your thoughts on that... care to sell a photo to your pal in NC?

hooray! oh you'll be a lovely beekeeper, I know it! wish that market were a couple blocks down the road from me... add that to the list of places to visit when I come to Texas, alright? ;)


Do you have a favorite place to get set up with beekeeping supplies or insights about boxes (type of wood, painted/untainted, # of frames, etc)??

I'll email you in a bit about #5. :)

Oh, and the swap thing is spreading like a wild fire!!! I saw all those comments on your blog. Wowzers! :)


What a beautiful blog you have. I've just discovered you over at Amanda's. I'm so happy to find you. What amazing photos and your turn of phrase is so refreshing. I just want to read all of it.
Pleased to meet you.


hmmmm.... I'll email you about bee stuff.

yes I know! there are 68 people participating!! Heather at Beauty that Moves posted about it and that easily tripled the number of folks playing along~
talk soon,


horse show! we attend our fair share of those and frankly, need to find more space for all my daughter's tack. this warm, cold, warm, cold thing is driving me crazy! i wish it would just stay cool a bit longer...


Aw, thanks Debby. It's so nice to meet you. Make yourself at home and thanks for saying hi!


B eats, sleeps, and dreams horses. She's been taking care of/riding a horse and pony of a friends and is in total, mad love with it all. I bet one day I'll have your problem of where to store the tack too!


You had me at bee-keeping class.
Though I was also fond of taking down the gate between yards and gardening.
Also remembering how HOT it was for you in the Summer.
Texas is a place of extremes, no?


Yes, I'm going hive window shopping today. Slowly dipping my toes into the real possibility of bees! Haha...yes Texas can be a land of extremes in more ways than just weather! It's been really, really cold here. Many days below freezing or hovering just above. Spring will be glorious though.

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