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May 24, 2014



oh my, oh my, oh my..... I love everything about this post. I want to come walk around that town with you and dream of good beer and coffee and natural living-type general stores (did you happen to make it to Villagers while you were in Asheville?) while watching a lone feral chicken strut around. the chicken photo is of course incredible, but I'm really loving photo #s 2 and 6 and 10. and the one with Bea and Byron with the Rebuild America sign? holy cow. love how clearly his enthusiasm for the moment seems to show while Bea's a bit more like 'um, mom.... why?' also- it makes me want to weave strips of old tires through metal gates.

and the wheat- ahhhh, I can just feel/hear the quietness of just the rustling stalks.

jenny newell

bleached wheat fields are my favorite... we won't see any of those for two-three months though. it is so amazing the way a beautiful little town can be just sitting over there nearly empty. such a funny way this world works. your dreams for it are beautiful.


seriously. there are so many ghost towns all over texas just like this one. i always love to imagine what they must have been like in their heyday. oh, and i'm extra romantic about wheat fields these days because of the opening credits to Larkrise to Candleford. I should have mentioned that in the post! :)


as far as harvesting, our area goes into a summer's sleep come july 4th and then reawakens in the fall. which is why wheat is getting harvested and it's blackberry season around here right now.


The pictures in the wheat field are just stunning :) I'm glad I found your space here.

Sophie xo


Wow, these photos are haunting. Doesn't it just make you wonder about all of the lives and the stories that took place there? Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Sophie! I find the wheat fields absolutely captivating. So rustic and earthly. PS: I peeked into your blog and was dazzled by your beautiful documentation of creative pursuits. :)


Hi May! Yes, I love to dig - in antique stores, through old boxes of photos, ghost towns, older neighborhoods with winding streets, etc.... And the essence to the digging is the thinking of all of those souls and all of their stories that have come and gone.


Oh, I just loved this post! The photos of the old town are amazing...I just wanted to walk down those old streets and dream too! I can imagine what it must have looked like one day.

Someday I hope to take in the beauty of bleached wheat fields. Here in Maine we only have corn...no wheat.

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