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May 23, 2014



so glad you're back in this space a bit. I peek every other day, at least ;) so much inspiration here in this post.
hang in there, dear~ I hope things are settling down for you and yours and that otherworldly beauty is creeping in more and more!

that girl of yours is such a beauty!

jenny newell

goodness... those photos are just breathtaking. i love the way you have captured the happenings in your world. also, i really need to get on the audio book band wagon. listening to sarah plain and tall while driving sounds so wonderful. thanks for sharing.


Glad you are back in this space. Your photos are beautiful!! And I would love to start listening to audio books again. We borrowed Caps For sale from the library the other week and its such a favorite of Ellie's now, we've renewed it over and over. Can't wait till she's old enough for books like Sarah, Plain and Tall.


oh yes, i'm getting over several mild/moderate stress inducers that came staggering one after the other this past winter/spring. it feels good to have some energy to be back here. xo, nichole


yes, audiobooks. it all started for us last summer when i got a little house audiobook for Bea to listen to in the car on a road trip. now, we are devoted listeners. sarah, plain and tall was an absolute delight to listen to. glenn close is the narrator.


books like sarah, plain and tall will be in your reading/listening rotation before you know it. it all happens so quickly. :)


Your photography is truly a gift to see. Longtime Sun is my favorite to hear while in a difficult yoga pose (pigeon, ouch). So glad you blog/picture the small moments.


I've known the verse for some time but have never heard it was celtic, do you by chance have a reference for that? I learned it from a kundalini yoga instructor who also happens to be a seik years ago...


Thank you Ruth! I'm so very glad you enjoy visiting Live Free!


Hi Amber,

I didn't realize it was celtic either, but after a little googling, it seems that it is so...


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