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May 04, 2014



the bees! love that photo~ and the poppies and such as well. I'm glad you're back home with your family (not that mama isn't family, of course, but there's a comfort to be in your own home with the family you've created, and it seems to me that's some of the most important medicine for yourself at times like these. maybe most especially at times like these) I've been thinking of you a lot lately and hoping all is well and heading back to normal for you and yours.

is it weird that part of me is excited for when I get to take a picture of my own head like that one of yours up there?
much love from NC~


WHat springy photos!! I love your nature table display with all the little Ostheimer people!!! Lovely! Happy Mothers Day to you!


thank you summer! i hope you had a lovely mother's day as well.


hey amanda! i'm trying to dust off the old blog tonight. thank you so much for all of your well wishes. it means so much! hehe..the head picture...yes! i got this one in one shot!

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