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June 23, 2014



Such lovely photography!


Thank you!


Beautiful images Nichole! I also struggle with the balance between tackling the to-do list and just ignoring it to savor these slow summer moments. After a particularly rough school year, I am thinking I need to lean towards "go with the flow" right now!

jenny newell

oh! i know just what you mean! all of my "spring" cleaning always happens in summer. even with these long days... there are never enough hours to do it all.


fantastic photos, nicole. some of the best I've seen anywhere in a while out here in blogland.


Thank you Cory. Surely there are many, many, many beautiful photos out there in blogland including yours. XO, Nichole


Letting go can be hard, but so worth it. For me, it's a control issue of wanting so badly for something to go in the direction that I'd like to see it go, but then realizing that that's not always the flow of things. It's the daily practice of living....:)


Yes, summer is a time to relax and a time to tie up loose ends from the school year. It's always a balancing act...

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