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July 23, 2014


Chrisi leake

Oh you make me wish I was closer! I can't wait for Fisher to be old enough to read the books.


Thank you for sharing!!!! So lovely!


beautiful, beautiful! I've been peeking in now and again waiting for this very post ;) xo

Nora Freman

How lovely! That would have been a dream-come-true trip for me at Beatrix's age (and for many years after that too). So sweet to see your family drink it all in! The landscape is just as stunning as Laura found it.


Your writing, Nichole!

I know this is the kind of beautiful that doesn't really fit into words, but...I think you did it.

Put me on your waiting list for Part 2 :)


thankyou thankyou thankyou!


Oh, my goodness! What a special experience! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm going to file this away. :-)


It was really fun! A 17 hour drive for us but worth it!


You are welcome, Tanya!


hehe...thanks, amanda.


I had the time of my life. This was as much for me as it was for her! :)


Traci! Thank you, sweet lady! XO.


you welcome, welcome, welcome! :) XX.


Yes, file it away. My hope is that everyone who is as big of a Laura Ingalls fan as we are gets to visit.


What a dream. And where oh where do you find those stunning bonnets that your daughter wears?

jenny newell

oh my! what a lovely, lovely experience!! thank you for sharing this! we read the ingalls for years... but now it has been about three years... and i think it may be time to begin the stories again. i absolutely LOVE that your bea worships prairie girls and boys :) you have done so well with her.


There is a local bonnet maker that supplies Bea and all her friends with bonnets. :)


i bet re-reading would be so much fun. reminiscing and re-experiencing it all over again. yes, my girl has an independent streak in her as wide as the sea! never a dull moment! ;)


Oh my goodness! I got the chills scrolling through this post! What a magical, wonderful, magnificent trip!! Thank you for sharing these images. I hope one day to take my own daughter there when she's old enough and we've read all the books. :) Your last words about the Ingalls just being one family story reminded me of Steinbeck's East of Eden and the family stories in that book. People all over the world living, loving and breathing.


thank you summer! i hope you get to go with your little one too one day! xo, nichole


What an amazing trip! Definitely something on the to do list with my little man. We started to read it last year, but he wasn't interested, so we put it away. Last week we began Anne of Green Gables, which he is enjoying. Maybe we will revisit Little House on the Prairie when we are finished.

Gorgeous photos.


We are currently enjoying Anne of Green Gables too! So fun!

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