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September 02, 2014



I am so sorry for your loss Nichole. It sounds like she was a wonderful lady.

I walked down memory lane with my gran on Sunday, when my hubby, little man and I took her out for lunch to celebrate her birthday this week. I am not sure why, but the visit has left a little shadow on my heart. Maybe a reminder to soak up this time with her, while I still can.



Sorry to hear this, and what a wonderful portrait you paint of her and your childhpod memories. What a role model. x


oh Nichole, I am so sorry that you lost your dear sweet grandma. Cecile is one of my favorite names. of course that is neither here nor there, but I wanted to tell you. your description of her is beautiful, it makes me wish I could have known her and rocked on her porch listening to birdsong and drinking fresh coffee and sneaking looks at that strong woman with her grey hair blowing in the breeze. sure sounds like the two of you were kindred spirits, my friend.

what a lovely, lovely tribute to her you've put together here.
sending loads of hugs from NC


I am so sorry for your loss, Nichole. She sounds like the kind of spirit that I would have been grateful to know. Your words are a beautiful tribute. Sending healing thoughts to you and your sweet family.


What a beautiful tribute. I'm so sorry for your loss. It really is amazing this circle of life. Happy first day of Kindergarten to your little one. xoxo


I loved that photo you posted of her (your g-ma) on Instagram.
I stared at it for such a long time.
much Love to you and congrats on first days of Kinder. xoxoxo


Aw...thanks Cory. I love how jubilant she looked in that photo. So much life ahead of her. As if the angels were blessing her with a long, fruitful story.


Thank you Summer. Yes, this circle of life is something beautiful to behold.


Thank you Catherine. Yep, I bet you would have loved her!!


Cecile is one of your favorite names?? Really? Mine too, (obviously). I don't think there are a whole lot of people in the world that have that one fact in common! :) She WAS so strong AND had great hair!


Oh...I think our time with our elders is just as precious as our time with our wee ones. It's all fleeting and sacred.


Thank you Rach!


yes it was up high on the short list of names before Claire was born. Cecile, Cecilia, Celia.... love all of the variations. I think it is a strong but still very lovely and 'soft' name at the same time.

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