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September 25, 2014



Oh goodness, what a lady. I love her and haven't even met her :)

Gorgeous images. This is a beautiful time of year. Enjoy your morning at the stables.

Happy weekend.


Some of these pictures are truly breathtaking.


beautiful! so glad the two of you enjoyed the horse show so much~ looks like a good time, especially for a little horsey girl ;)


Thanks Kim! Yes, this time of year is breathtaking, if for nothing more than the LIGHT. Oh my, it's still hot around here (hovering around 90), but that golden halo of autumn light just cradles my spirit.

Fridays are extra special to us. There is no way not to enjoy our mornings at the barn. :)


Thank you Sarah. I peeked around your blog and it looks to be something special to behold...:) So nice to meet you!


Yes, always fun! I do my best to just try to keep up with her! :)


No reply needed. Just have to say how beautiful your photos are. Thanks for sharing them and your thoughts!

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