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September 15, 2014



Taking care of you is the first step, and it sounds to me that you have a solid list that will move you toward that.

I am waiting for two of Alicia's patterns in the mail..the bunny and the fox, can't wait to get started on them. I so get the facebook syndrome, I deactivated the beginning of August with a plan to stay away for a month, I still haven't gone back. It was hard at first, but now I actually enjoy the time I didn't know I had :)

Your trips sound lovely. Enjoy the yurt. We did a little yurt camping for the first time in June, loved it!

Wishing you a lovely day.


I love your self-care list. I think it is so easy for us mama's (and papa's) to fall into caretaker role and put ourselves last on the list. This lesson took me a lot longer to learn than you (kudos to you for that!). I hope you find this helps you a lot (and coincidentally, I just checked out a book from the library titled The Way of the Happy Woman which you may enjoy).


Yes, I've got to remember to do small things for myself. It seems obvious, I know, (and meager), but that little list is what I can do for the time being. Oh, I love everything Alicia's eyes and hands touch!! She has such a wonderful aesthetic. Have a blast with both the bunny and the fox. I actually really want the doll clothes in my size! So adorable!! I deactivated Facebook last fall but logged back on some time in the winter. It's definitely a battle to be fought with diligence. Yes, one of my 20 something dreams was to live on a mountainside in a yurt. I think I need to keep that dream in my back pocket or something! :)


Hi Tanya,

Don't worry, I fall off the wagon of self-care plenty! I am a work in progress that's for sure! Aren't we all? I love the title of your newest library book. Show me the way. :)


So many thoughts about this post:

1. If you like "Little Women," you might enjoy "Marmee & Louisa: The Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Mother." It's a biography about the relationship between Louisa and her mom. I don't think our library has it, but you're welcome to borrow it if you're ever interested. It's a great read.

2. I have two of Alicia's kits, the kitty and the fox, but I have yet to start them. I'm feeling a little intimidated since I'm a (very) novice sewer. How would you describe them in terms of difficulty?

3. I adore cowls! They're quick but so enjoyable to knit. I made one last summer when I needed a mental escape from the heat and wanted to dream of fall. I've been thinking about starting another. Do you have a pattern for yours in mind?


Whewie, I so get what you're saying. I've limited myself to reading three blogs a day. As you once said, there are days when I've reached the end of the Internet... Thanks for sharing!


Oh, I think I'd love to read something like "Marmee and Louisa..." . I held onto the bunny kit for over a year now because I was so afraid to screw it up. Leave it to Alicia though to write up very clear instructions though. I think I'm going to try this cowl http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/honey-cowl . I like that it has a one star difficulty rating! :) Do you have any favorites that you would suggest to a novice knitter?

Good to hear from you!


Ha! Yes...I did say that didn't I? Oh goodness, I struggle with this whole screen thing, don't I? :)


I like your choice of pattern! It looks so comfy-cozy and should be a quick knit.

This is the pattern that I used last year: http://quinceandco.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_13&products_id=74.

It's from Quince, whom I adore. Their patterns are straightforward, and their yarns are heaven. I believe the color I used was 'seaweed.' It's a beautiful, dark green, very earthy and great for autumn. The silk keeps it from being scratchy around my neck, and the wool makes it very warm.

For this fall, I've thought about making this one: http://quinceandco.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_13&products_id=331

And, as an aside, thank you for keeping up with your blog. Sometimes, when I'm looking for inspiration with the kids, I look back at your archives and see what you were doing when Beatrix was Julius' and Claudia's age. You've got quite the treasure trove of advice stored up over the years. It's all very lovely and honest. I especially appreciate the latter.

jenny newell

your photos are breathtaking. i am in love with the one of your bea and the moon. you have a great list as well... self care... so important. i love your writing and the way you always seem to "keep it real". :) thank you for always inspiring.


Oh, jenny... Thanks so much for your kind words. I think, often, I struggle with finding that good balance of knowing just the right amount to share in this space. Obviously, not all stories get told here, but I am always compelled to speak from the heart. Thank you for visiting and for saying hi!


Oh, Brittany, I love both of those patterns. The stripes and stars one is really lovely. How tricky are those designs?.... I love Quince fiber and am happy to hear good reviews about their patterns. Goodness, thank you for your kind words. That means so much to me. I'm always glad to hear that this little space is special to someone besides me! XX.



Your blog posts are like letters from a dear friend waiting in the mailbox. Thank you for sharing your words and wisdom with your readers. Amidst all the noise of the internet, your blog is truly an oasis. A place where one is offered the opportunity to pause and reflect and a place of deep soulful inspiration. Hearfelt gratitude for casting your light far and wide.


we are starting to really feel autumn rolling in around here these past few days~ right on time. After I read this post last week I made a batch of chai concentrate and deactivated my facebook account because I was spending too much time on there and reading this post and thinking about all I could be doing otherwise gave me the nudge I needed and wanted to take a break. so, thanks.

and now there's more time for tea and reading a pile of books during the fading warm sunny days and working on Claire's scarf I started knitting this spring...... I knit a cowl last year, I just knit a large rectangle in seed stitch on regular needles and then sewed together, voila!

love your list of self-care methods, I think writing it down is a good idea, makes us feel more accountable. I need to up my exercise and I'd love to add regular yoga back in, and 15 minutes a day sounds totally doable.

we've got a beach camping trip coming up the end of October, too! surely it's not at the same beach, but maybe some day we can make it so.



Okay, I've given in and have purchased the materials to make the cowl with stars. I think it's perfect timing because the weather should (wishful thinking) turn colder by the time I'm finished. The patterns looks fairly easy. My challenge will be making a piece with two colors of yarns; I've never done that before. Also, there's a new cast on that appears easy (I watched a tutorial on youtube), but, again, it's new to me. The actual stitches are basic knits and purls. With some tutorials, a beginner could probably make this one. Wish me luck!


I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that stack of Heather Ross fabric! I have a stack of Briar Rose fat quarters and a stack from Far, Far Away with plans to sew quilts for my kids for Christmas.


"we've got a beach camping trip coming up the end of October, too! surely it's not at the same beach, but maybe some day we can make it so."

OH...Yes, yes, yes! I always love your annual beach post. You guys found a sweet spot for sure! And no, we'll be here on the gulf far from your stretches of coast, but vast and cleansing all the same. XO, Nichole


You always have the nicest words of encouragement, Beth. Thank you so....


Oh, I am too! This is my very first purchase ever of Heather Ross fabric and I have loved it for years. I hope to make a dress or two for Beatrix but actually, she's grown so much since I've last bought dress fabric, I didn't quite get enough. Need more (or maybe I'll combine with another print or solid).


oh absolutely- there's magic at any beach! I wonder how far a gulf shore beach would be for us....... maybe we can make it work one day, a little beach meet up. we actually camped up the road in Montreat this weekend and had a site that would be perfect for two big tents and two little girls, plus their families...... of course, that's not really 'meeting' anywhere, considering it's just a few miles from us, but still.... fun to dream :)

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