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October 13, 2014



These photos are so so lovely. Sorry for the cut-short camping trip! I've been there without kids and I keep stalling on going with the kids for this exact reason, the thought of being stuck in a tent for a sleepless cold/wet/windy night with kids does NOT sound fun! Still need to do it anyway, though:)


oh geez. that sounds incredibly challenging. but I'm so glad you were able to put a positive spin on things once the sun rose and the beauty of the day and place revealed itself to you. the photos are lovely.

our beach camping trip is coming up in a couple weeks, to Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina. fingers and toes are crossed for cooperative weather and such, but of course you just never know.



Too funny. Brought back hilarious/exhausting memories. The photos are beautiful, truly.


These images are stunning--and possibly made it worth the miserable night's sleep! We visited Mustang Island briefly this summer and loved it. I was amazed how empty it was at the time. On another note, I'm so glad you introduced me to your space here and look forward to reading more! Best to you. xo


Yes, it was not a trip that rested us and the car will never be the same with the amount of sand that ended up in it, but all's well that ends well. We had a fun day on the beach, nonetheless.


Challenging - yes! But no regrets! You guys must be getting ready for your beach trip right about now, yes? Have a wonderful time!


Haha. Yes, all in all, a good time! Funny how quickly we can bounce back from a windy/sandy/sleepless night on the beach!


Yes, Bethany, being a photography junkie, the restless night is what enabled me to capture these moments and that pretty much made my trip! :) So great to meet you Bethany! Yay! It's always nice to bump into a fellow blogging Texan.


These are amazing shots! What camera are you using? Anyway, I had no idea that Mustang Island is this beautiful! Looks like Bea really had a good time camping there. :)

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