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November 23, 2014



Your photos are SO beautiful! Breathtaking really...


Oh the roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences that life dishes out. harumph. I mean, I know that without the lows we'd not so much appreciate the highs, but gosh if it could just dip once in a blue moon, as a reminder...... i think that'd be enough. lovelinesslovelinesslovelinesslovelinesslovelinesslovelinessloveliness(small wall)lovelinesslovelinesslovelinesslovelinesslovelinessloveliness. and so on. Sorry it's been rough. You know you aren't alone though- I too (all of us, I'm sure) wish I could remember that simple advice more often. especially WHEN I need it (ahem), instead of immediately after the fact. the work of a lifetime, right there. xo Heather at Bauty the Moves has a nice saying: "If you can't have grace in the moment, have grace in the turnaround."

It looks like it is beautiful in your parts these days, all that golden and glimmering light dancing across the Texas grasses. I know you're enjoying that. LOVE the photo of Byron and Bea all snuggled up. And that pony!

hugs from afar,


Golden Autumn!


Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, Amanda! Family pulled out the drive just a short bit ago. The house is quiet (Byron and Bea went for a morning excursion) and less cluttered, but I'm feeling forlorn with the parting. I am so grateful for each and every messy, confusing, intense, connected, comfortable, peaceful, and challenging moment I get to experience. All of it...like worn patches of a well-loved quilt, make up the riches of our days and what is more mind-blowing gorgeous than that? Wishing you oceans of love...XO, Nichole


As always, thank you so much Amy! Your words are SO kind. I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday surrounded by all those who mean the very most to you. XO, Nichole


yes...it's just glistening out there!

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