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May 18, 2015



Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your here and now.

Regarding lavender, I've had no luck, and it's always a letdown when it dies, usually in its second year. I'm thinking about trying again in a raised bed that's amended with sand for extra draining. Any suggestions for keeping it healthy?


So beautiful. Just got back from visiting Wichita Falls TX. Flowers and pond life everywhere!


Thank you for a beautiful post!


Hi Nichole! SO good to pop in over here and have there be a new post to eat up and enjoy. your photos are incredible. all of them. but those first two, and Bea in black and white with her hat, looking like a little lady.... and the cow against the tree...... wow.

It sounds so beautiful in your part of the world right now. I keep dreaming of getting in the car with Claire some time and heading for Texas, but I don't know when that will happen. one of these days, though. sure seems like spring is the time to do it! (school is in until June 11th here this year though, which means work for me until then) I'd love to see your wildflower yard, it sounds perfect. and claiming your porch (your whole home!) back for you and yours.... that must feel good.

loads of changes, and you sound ready for them. wishing you all a beautiful late spring!


Yes, my happiest lavender is in raised beds. But with the rain this weekend, who knows what will come of it. It is so, very lovely though. I use garden soil from Gardenville topped with mulch. I don't do anything fancy for it or my other herbs. I think they like junky soil more than the healthy stuff. Once they are established, I rarely water (even in dry years). My herbs thrive!!


Aw...we drive through Wichita Falls when we travel west.


You are so welcome! Thank YOU for visiting!


Those longhorns are cute, aren't they??

I wish you could come visit too!! Yes, spring rocks out here, especially this year (we've had a good amount of rain!) Bea and I might be road tripping to Missouri this fall to visit Rocky Ridge (Laura and Almanzo's farm) and Baker Creek Seed Farm (it's in the same town). Wanna meet up for a quick rendezvous?


that sounds amazing, but........ what part of 'meet me in Missouri' is a quick rendezvous?? ;) do keep me posted, though- it all depends on the school calendar for me, really.


Tee hee hee! MO is ONLY 9 hours from here. That's practically next door for us. An easy day of driving....:) It takes 12 hours to drive across TX!! So... I didn't map NC to MO, but it felt about equal distance when I visualized it in my mind. I dunno.... maybe it's something like 12 or 15 hours! Would be fun! We could go in October. I think Laura and Almanzo have an apple orchard.


End of an era to see your little school close. I can imagine it'so bittersweet. Please let me know if your materials need a new hom & if you are selling them at some point. I'm opening a program here in the hill country & would love to take them off your hands. Would be an excuse to see you too after all this time.

Mindy VanderLinden

Beautiful pictures, as always! It looks like you all are having a wonderful spring! Can I ask, now that you are shutting down the natural child, are you planning on homeschooling Bea 100%? And will you still use Montessori as a base or a mix of things? I ask because my son is 6 and this year will be our first "official" homeschooling year (though we've been doing it since he was born). Of course I have my ideas and plans already, but i love to see what others, especially professionals like you, are doing!

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