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August 17, 2015



This, this is what I too have said about homeschooling my children. A second chance at childhood...spending my days doing the things with them that I wish i could have done myself as a child. So healing. And also, the part about dreaming of a new place to live, or at least be for regular periods of time... I can relate to this as well. As much as I fear sometimes that its just my wandering soul, I have to believe that when I actually get to that place in the world I'm meant to be, I'll feel a sense of belonging. To the land, the people, the traditions. Hopefully?
I would love to read more of your musings! You write beautifully :)


I like when you show up. It's ok when you don't of course, but I'm every so happy to see your images, read your words, & learn from you always.


I am here just to say how grateful I am for your showing up here!!! Most often your words sound so deeply familiar. I am mooved by your words as leaves mooving gently by a soft wind. It feels being at home. Not surprisingly, through all these years, I feel your path has quite a significant part in my own journey. I hope that is alright to share it with you. Your writing makes distances dissappear. I even imagine our children ran in the fields together. Thank you so much for being you...
PS so sorry for my language. I hope I've managed to describe my deepest appreciation. ..


I love imagining your home now as a place for the three of you to exhale and get into a rhythm all your own...... enjoy!
xo from nc


Sarah and Miri say it all. Your photography has really become a language, too. I spend a lot of my energy in paying attention to my husband's creativity, so when those quiet alone hours come along I panic that I don't know how to be creative myself. I wonder if it's the same with raising a child and focusing on their development? Of course, when I get some courage and start my own project or re-visit one, I get lost in it and feel wonderful. Life.Is.So.WonderfullyStrange.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and life with us! I see that you are maybe homeschool planning? Could you list the books in the photo above please? :)


So beautiful space that I'm pleased to discovered today... Beautiful photos !

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