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February 25, 2016



the daily reminder to let the heaviness go.... I know that one. it's worthy endeavor, for sure.
and the pain we feel when they put themselves down..... ugh. Claire has been way into that lately. "I'm so bad. I'm not very smart. I don't like the way I look." often it's just this acting thing she's doing, but not always. and even when it is...... oh my mama heart can't stand it!

looking SO forward to seeing you soon! we can squint our eyes together and blur the picture just right and see the fairytale. and then we can hash it all out and talk the real talk sometimes too when that heaviness creeps in. ah.


"Oftentimes, I wish for another chance to try again, that I didn't get it right this one and only time."

I could have written these exact words. Please know that your not alone in feeling that. Most days I play the if only I would have done things differently game. I am trying to turn the mama guilt around. I have been embracing the saying " We are all doing our best" .Thank you for your post today. Big hugs sent your way!

P.S My 6 year old daughter Claire, loves reading about Beatrice's adventures. I think you shared on Facebook or Instagram that she was reading Little House In the Big Woods books independently. Now Claire has a new reading goal and has been reading veraciosly! She has also somehow convinced us to take a trip in the fall to De Smet, South Dakota!! Your family has been an inspiration!


<3 Beautifully written!

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