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April 11, 2016



Gorgeous flowers! Have you planted any veggies or fruits yet?

My garden's new this year, so I'm still waiting for my flowers to come up. I'm most excited about the yellow echinacea that I started from seed this winter, but it probably won't bloom until next year. It's super slow growing; after cold/moist stratifying for six weeks, my seedlings have only grown two true leaves in six weeks. My other flowers are, in the backyard, cosmos and zulu prince daisy and, in the front, agapanthus. I have high hopes for my yellow pear tomatoes, too; they're almost as tall as my shoulders with at least 20 green tomatoes on the vines. My only wish right now is for more rain! Maybe this week... :)


It takes a lot of patience starting a new garden, doesn't it? It really does, especially here, where rain comes in unpredictable spurts, take several years to see plants mature. Every year, your yard will look a little more alive and that's so exciting to witness! I just put some tomatoes in the ground last week. I also have onions tucked into several bald spots. I seeded cucumbers last week too and I really need to get some beans planted but I"m scratching my head wondering where to tuck them in. I still have about half my winter garden in the ground, either flowering or just still growing strong. Bring on the rain!!

Ruth DiPietro

My goodness, how quick! My wildflowers have not grown three inches from the ground yet (Nashville), which the wild rabbit enjoys immensely. Thank you for the beautiful images.


so BEAUTIFUL! I agree- it is totally like a sweet little wild meadow out there. It was such a treat to wake up to those flowers each morning during our stay :)

Have fun with the market dreaming and possibilities- the day we left they were setting up (if it's the market at Monument Cafe, anyway) and a man came over as we were leaving to invite us to the market and we told him we were about to get in the car for three days but otherwise, we'd be all over it!


Lisa Coffee

Oh, I read and really enjoyed Our Endless Numbered Days, too. Love the flowers pics, so gorgeous.


I totally love your shots! And that dog - so adorable!


I'm envious that I don't experience Spring here. :( I miss the United States already!

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