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December 21, 2016



Beautiful post. Glad to see you pop in. It has been awhile. Happy holidays.


your holidays sounds wonderful. i know just what you mean about facebook and whatnot... i find it harder and harder to check in to those places. the slow bits in our season are the most special to me. now that christmas has passed things are taking a very slow pace and i am completely soaking it in. so glad you shared. always enjoy reading your thoughts.


oh so good to see these glimpses into your days and read your words, dear friend~ so, so much goodness here, for sure.

Bea's suspenders! Molly's nose! your adorable gnome! And my gosh I could sit at that table for days just watching the light change through those big windows.... and the photo with the reflection in the mirror- swoon!

I chuckled to read "I do not require a lot of touch....."

is that the nest that made it's way here? it looks so similar with the bits of plastic and paper threaded through...... we have ours nestled in some twigs in a mason jar on the table and I love to think it used to be somewhere in your yard. I haven't read much through the copy of the book you sent yet, but the bits I've gotten to have been so sweet- thanks again.

I know what you mean, for sure- it is hard to look at all that we have and then also consider the heartache and horrors in the world and not come away feeling at a loss for words and unsure about how to feel. I try to focus on the good but sometimes it can be so freaking hard. I know it won't do anyone any good for me not to fully appreciate all that I have, and so I try to soak it in and put my energy there, but still...... sometimes... you know.



Hi Arianne, Thanks so much for reading! It's funny, this blog has for so long been quite close to extinction, but I continue to hang on by a thread. Hoping to find time and words for this space in 2017. Peace to you and yours.


Hi Jenny! So very sweet for you to take the time to read and comment! It's been a long while. Glad to know the holidays have been good to you and your beautiful family. Cheers to a hopeful 2017!


Those suspenders....she wore them once. I use to love my pair of suspenders when I was her age, but she is a no nonsense kind of girl and can't be bothered with such accessories. Yes, that's the last nest we recently found. We are out of space on our nest shelf which meant it was time to share our treasures! :).


Somehow you captured all my feels and put them in your Christmas post. I'm so thankful for your friendship and for that night around the piano. A precious moment of peace in a season when I needed it more than ever. Whatever is to come, we are grounded in our own truth and our own law of love. Doing my best to keep my eyes on verse three. Love you!

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