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November 03, 2017



i just read through all of your posts and got caught up on your beautiful story. how inspiring. following your dreams takes a lot of courage. everyone has doubts. i am so glad that you listened to your inner calling and had the strength to follow it. i look forward to witnessing a holiday season on your lovely homestead.


Hi Jenny,

It's really good to see your comment here! I've just started to quietly post again. I don't think there are many people who read blogs anymore but I find the format so much more conducive to truly expressing myself than IG (which is what I have readily relied upon more and more over the years). I like the slowness of churning a post out even if it takes days of tweaking it before hitting publish. Thank you for cheering us on. It has been a wonderful journey and we just feel so blessed with where we have landed. Much love!!


So funny to read your comment above because I just yesterday deleted Instagram from my phone. I just can’t do it anymore. I knew there were some favorite accounts I would miss though and so I started checking around to see who is still blogging...and here you are and posting about topics so close to my heart right now! We moved to a small town 2 years ago, went so far as to build a house...and I am just miserable with the lack of space. I can practically stand between my house and my neighbors and touch both. I am such a homebody and home has become a stressful place for me to be because of the lack of space and privacy. I am dreaming of moving constantly. One of my concerns, and I would love to hear your experiences and opinions, is moving somewhere more isolated while homeschooling...particularly as an introvert who doesn’t love to drive. Here we have a community and everything is close by for the the most part...and yet despite that I feel like my spirit cannot bear the thought of staying here long term. Any thoughts on homeschooling and community in a more “isolated” area? (My boys are 3.5 and 8)


Hi Megan, Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I had similar feelings before we moved. I longed for more space and seasons. I feel like Bea gets a lot of interaction with others but it's less structured. So instead of participating in things that I enroll her in, people in our community invite her and us to whatever things they are doing. Right now, she is involved wth a play that her violin teacher wrote and is directing. In December, she was invited to participate in another community event organized by the local Quaker community. We have neighbors here to play with too -which is funny, because when we were in town, she actually didn't have anyone to play with. So all in all, I think she is doing okay. I strongly believe that life works out as it is suppose to when we are able to listen to that little voice deep inside....Best wishes to you. :)

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